The controversies regarding desk chairs are continuously increasing because of the various ailments that people suffer when they are sitting for prolonged periods in front of their desks or computers. The most common complaint of people working in chairs for extended period of time is back pain. This is because when a person is sitting for long periods, the tendency is to slouch leaving the back in a poor position. This greatly contributes to injury and stress in the lumbar area that leads to back pain. Aside from back pain, neck discomforts are usually felt because the head is also maintained in a forward position that increases the weight that the neck needs to bear by 4 times.

All these problems are the concerns of most ergonomics proponents. In this line, various chairs have been developed and one of this is an exercise ball as a desk chair.

If you have been going to fitness classes and in the gym, you might probably have seen an exercise ball. Ball chairs literally have these large exercise balls at the seat area. It allows you to seat on top of the ball like you do when you exercise using it only that it is mounted in a chair. Other exercise balls used as chairs basically only use the exercise ball itself for the person to sit on.

In line with the different effects of prolonged sitting, do you wonder how exercise balls will help? The following outline discusses the benefits of exercise balls when used as a desk chair:

  • Improves your balance

Since exercise balls are not that stable like regular chairs, sitting on top of it will allow your body to perform imperceptible adjustments while you sit in order to balance your body in the chair. This greatly improves your ability to balance your body.

  • Exercises your small muscle groups

While balancing, you also allow most of your small muscles to work in relation to maintaining balance. This improves your muscle tone and enables you to work out your specific muscle groups.

  • Maintains Posture

Unlike regular chairs, exercise balls prevent you from slouching because doing so will make you fall on the chair. Using an exercise ball ensures that you maintain a good posture while sitting; thereby minimizing the stress on your back and neck.

  • Improves circulation on your legs

If you sit for prolonged periods in a regular chair, your feet usually maintain a same position, which contributes to stasis of blood in the legs. This contributes to varicose vein and thromboembolism as well as leg pains. In exercise balls, you practically move your feet every now and then so as to maintain the right position for balance. This helps prevent the effects of poor blood flow to the legs.

Despite these, there were some controversies regarding the use of exercise balls as desk chairs because of the lack of lumbar support it provides. Nevertheless, experts say that there is really no perfect chair that will prevent all problems related to sitting for prolonged periods and the key to preventing these is maintaining good posture, regardless of the chair you use.

If you’re trying to find a good chair that fits your needs, you can try exercise ball chairs and examine its effects on you, and let your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor examine you as well.