Chiropractic During Pregnancy - Wesley Chapel chiropractorA lot of people benefit from chiropractic for the management of various conditions such as musculoskeletal problems as well as other diseases.  Chiropractic care, like that which you receive from Dr. Mohr, the top-rated Wesley Chapel chiropractor, involves the health maintenance of the spine including the spinal discs, joints and nerves that pass along the area. Chiropractic care is a non-surgical and non-medical approach in managing ailments and it has also been increasingly used in pregnancy due to its vast benefits.

Definitely, the common question of women is, is it safe during pregnancy? Is it safe for me and my baby? Since chiropractic care is a less invasive approach, it has no contraindications during pregnancy. In fact, chiropractors even specialize in working in prenatal and postnatal care of women. Chiropractors are also trained in dealing with pregnant women. Chiropractic care in pregnancy is aimed at increasing the wellness of pregnant women in order for them to go through pregnancy normally and with no complications. In addition, to those who want to become pregnant, chiropractic care may also be beneficial in enhancing fertility.

Chiropractic are during pregnancy involves adjustments or techniques that are safe for the pregnant women along with avoiding unneeded pressure in the abdomen. It also involves stretches and exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy. Specifically, the following outlines the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy and why is it essential to seek one when you are pregnant:

  • Maintains a healthier pregnancy

The main objective of chiropractic care is to have a healthy pregnancy that is both beneficial for the mother and the baby. When chiropractic care is sought, there is reduced spinal subluxations that prevents nerve impingements. With these, there is improved innervation to the uterus and the lower extremities. Exercises and stretches performed along with chiropractic care also maintain a general well-being.

  • Establishes pelvic alignment and balance

One of the most important bones during pregnancy is the pelvis because this houses the growing fetus. Misalignments of the pelvis may lead to intrauterine constraint or reduced space inside the intrauterine cavity available for the growing uterus and fetus. Misalignments in the pelvis create problems for the fetus to assume a good position for delivery. Poor positioning may further prevent normal delivery. Most breech and poor positioning of the fetus requires more invasive deliveries such as a Cesarean section. Seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy may help improve the pelvic alignment in order to allow for a natural birthing process. In addition, maintaining pelvic balance also improves the gait of the pregnant woman and avoids unnecessary tension on the back.

  • Relieves back, joint and neck pains associated with pregnancy

Pregnant women also usually feel pains on the back and neck as a result of carrying a growing fetus. Women who are pregnant tend to assume a lordotic position in order to stabilize the body. As a result, there may be various aches on the back and neck. Chiropractic care helps to relive these problems by spinal adjustments, stretches and exercises.

  • Prevents possible fetal complications during delivery

The most important concern of pregnant women is their babies. Chiropractic care prevents possible fetal complications during delivery. By enhancing the natural birth, it shortens the labor and delivery time; thereby preventing fetal distress and hypoxia that may lead to conditions such as cerebral palsy. It also prevents mechanical problems for the baby as it moves along the birth canal as a result of pelvis alignment.

Looking at the benefits of chiropractic care to the mother and the baby, it is then recommended that pregnant women should consult a chiropractor during pregnancy. Worries on complications on chiropractic care should be avoided because chiropractors are also trained in handling pregnant women just as medical doctors are.