Being an athlete requires special training as well as regular exercise to keep you going as well as prevent sports-related injuries. Golfers are one of those people who may experience injuries while playing most of the time. Injuries may involve back injuries, back pain and even spinal problems because of the frequent swings that they do. In addition, the frequent head drop to look at the golf ball down your feet will even increase the injuries on your spine such as in the cervical area. In this regard, golfers need special therapies such as chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is best for golfers even if they do not feel any problems since it improves the flexibility, improves posture, maintains proper nerve function and prevents musculoskeletal injuries in the back and other areas of the body.

Seeing your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor is best even before playing golf to have your back adjusted to improve your performance as well as prevent injuries. After the game, you still need to have a chiropractic adjustment to relieve back tension and pain.

The main therapy employed in chiropractic care for golfers involves spinal manipulations to remove spinal subluxations at the back and improve nerve, muscle and skeletal functioning. Most professional golfers actually seek chiropractic care regularly because of the benefits it provides. Up to 75% of golfers provided positive feedbacks regarding chiropractic care because it does not only prevent and relieve golf injuries, but enhances the performance as well. Tiger Woods, who is an international golf superstar, actually advocates chiropractic care. Now, he’s one of the most successful golfers we have ever seen.

Why Golfers Need Chiropractic Care?

Aside from the basic reasons stated earlier, golfers need chiropractic care for the following reasons:

  • Most amateur golfers assume a poor posture

Playing golf requires a proper posture in order to deliver a powerful swing as well as prevent injuries to the back. When preparing for your stance to hit the golf never, you should never arch your back; instead, maintain a head forward position with the back in an oblique angle with your waist. Proper posture gives you more powerful swing, which improves total athletic performance. In chiropractic care, the spinal subluxations or nerve impingements are removed, which allows your back to be more relaxed preventing shoulder drop and arching of the back.

  • Wrong golf technique leads to soft tissue injuries

Playing golf in a wrong way makes your muscles become tight during the sport. It can also damage the soft tissues on the back that may lead to limited range of motion, pain and impaired circulation. To prevent and relieve these, chiropractic care is usually very helpful.

  • Golfers usually carry heavy golf bags

Golfers usually carry heavy loads in one of their shoulders while carrying heavy golf bags. This leads to more spinal problems such as scoliosis and herniated disc. A very effective way to prevent these is to undergo chiropractic care after playing golf to correct any deformities at the back.

There’s always a way to prevent injuries and enhance performance and one of which is chiropractic care. More than any other athletes, golfers need chiropractic care the most because they employ movements on the back that may lead to future problems. If you are a golfer, make sure to visit your chiropractor regularly.