Natural Healing Process - Wesley Chapel chiropractorMedications and various treatments are essential in the presence of a disease or illness that makes the person ill. However, the body also has the ability to undergo healing without exogenous treatment modalities. Our body is complex and one of its capabilities is to undergo natural healing when diseases arise. Our bodies contain various components such as white blood cells, clotting factors, protein compounds and others that help the body undergo a natural healing process. The functions of each component include:

  • White Blood Cells

The White Blood Cells or leukocytes are the body’s natural army or soldiers. They fight any infection that is present inside the body structures. The White Blood Cells directly kill the offending microorganisms through the process of phagocytosis or cell ingestion. There are various types of white blood cells that act to heal the body depending on the type of microorganisms and offenders present such as virus, bacteria, fungi or allergic reactions.

  • Inflammatory response

The inflammatory response is also a common natural healing process that the body undergoes. The inflammatory process is a reaction to any type of tissue injury in the body. The main goal of inflammatory reaction is to repair the injured tissues.

  • Blood Clotting Mechanisms

The blood also contains clotting factors that prevent further bleeding or damage to the site of injury. The blood contains platelets that are responsible for platelet aggregation, which serves as an initial clot on the blood. There are also various clotting factors that are responsible for blood coagulation. When bleeding has stopped, the body also has opposite mechanism of dissolving these clots for normal blood flow to resume.

  • Amino acids

Amino acids are the basic unit of proteins. They are responsible for tissue repair and healing. Almost all cells responsible for natural body healing require amino acids in order to function properly.

  • Digestive system

The digestive system also acts to help the body heal naturally. The digestive system usually causes nausea and vomiting or diarrhea to remove any offending substance inside the body through the gastrointestinal tract.

The most apparent symptom of natural healing is the presence of reduction in energy that is temporary. This reduction in energy is attributed to the body’s increased metabolic rates during presence of injury or infection. The increased metabolic rater is due to the body’s need to repair itself from any kind of offending disease, infection and stress. Aside from decreased energy levels, people may also suffer pains and aches in various areas of the body. These may be signs of ongoing inflammatory reaction to aid in tissue repair. Another symptom that can be experienced during natural healing is gastrointestinal disturbances such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pains. Some people may also experience sleeping longer to cope with the decreased energy levels. Sleep also promotes tissue repair through production of growth hormones. A common symptom of infection, which is fever, is also a sign that the body is trying to remove harmful microorganisms in the body. An increase in temperature is a response of the body to the pyrogens, which are substances, produced as the white blood cells and other inflammatory mediators kill offending microorganisms. As much as fever is beneficial, it should also be reduced because persistent high temperatures may affect the brain cells.

Aside from these symptoms, almost all systems in the body act in ways to promote healing. The kidneys for instance aid in elimination of toxins through the urine. The liver detoxifies the blood and the heart contracts in away to support the body functioning. The brain also signals other organs to act in order to remove harmful toxins, substances or microorganisms.

Since the body has natural ways to heal itself, it is essential for people to promote these along with taking prescribed medications or treatments. In order to attain maximum natural healing process, people should ensure a strong immune system through proper diet, exercise and stress relieving techniques. Other complementary therapies such as chiropractic care like Dr. Mohr, the best rated Wesley Chapel chiropractor, provides may also help enhance the body’s natural healing process. Removal of spinal subluxations, which is the goal of chiropractic care, helps improve the nerve impulse transmissions from the brain to the different organs in the body; thereby improving the body’s normal functioning including natural healing.