Sleeping is the body’s way to regain energy from the day’s work. During sleeping, several important processes happen such as optimum skeletal and muscle growth, maintenance of digestive function, regaining energy and relaxing the mind. However, because of various practices during sleep such as sleeping position, sleep can be beneficial or not. People should know the best sleeping position as well as the worst to assume a relaxing and safe way to sleep. The following are considered the best and worst sleeping positions:

Best Sleeping Positions

  • Supine or back position

Lying at your back has been the most common and one of the best sleeping positions. Supine position allows the back, neck and head to be in a neutral position, thereby improving the blood flow to the brain. In addition, the muscles on the back and neck are not tensed preventing muscle spasms and injury to the vertebral column. Aside from that, sleeping on your back with a pillow will also prevent acid reflux at night, which can cause heartburn that may disturb you from sleep. When the head is elevated with a pillow, the tendency is that the esophagus is higher than the stomach preventing reflux. Sleeping at your back also prevents any impediment on the face, reducing wrinkles.

  • Left or right side lying position

Side lying position is also a good sleeping position because it is beneficial to prevent back pains as well as neck pains. Side lying is also good for people who snore because the tongue is displaced on the sides and does not block the airway. This position is good for infants as well as adults with compromised breathing because it allows for the drainage of secretions, thereby preventing accumulation in the airways. This position is also beneficial to pregnant women because it prevents compression of the vena cava. However, this position may contribute to sagging of the breast because of the pull of gravity to one side.

  • Frequent change of position

When you sleep, you should assume different positions to prevent stasis of blood and also to allow for circulation to all areas of the body. Maintaining same position leads to poor circulation on the area that is compressed on the bed.

Worst Sleeping Positions

  • Fetal Position

Fetal position is not a good way to sleep because it restricts lung expansion because the diaphragm is compressed. In addition, it may also lead to backaches when you wake up because the muscles on the back are contracted while you arch.

  • Prone position or lying on your stomach

Sleeping in this position most of the time is not good because the tendency is your head is turned to one side. As a result, the neck muscles are contracted to one side. Once you wake up, you may experience neck stiffness and aching. This position does not also allow for a neutral position of the spine that may lead to back pain. Prone position may be beneficial only to those experiencing severe snoring because this position tends to open the airways.

  • Sleeping with a pillow under the tummy

Pillows on the tummy aggravate the abnormal curving of the spine when you lie in a prone position. Because of this, the muscles on the back are much tensed and may lead to back pain, which will send you right back to Dr. Mohr, your Wesley Chapel chiropractor.

These positions should be reviewed in order to allow for the best position that will support your whole body. However, comfort is also important, thus it is essential for you to assume a position that you feel comfortable with less the negative effects.