The most common question of bed consumers is whether water beds are good or bad for the back. In order to answer this question, let us study the popular beliefs about water beds and its actions in order to analyze whether water beds are good or bad for back health.

Misconceptions on Water Beds
There are various beliefs regarding the use of water beds in regard to its effects on the back. One of these is that it does not support the back because of insufficient back support especially on the lumbar and sacral area. This bad effect of water beds has been rooted in the early times of water bed industry when water beds have lesser inner support system than the coil spring beds. This may lead to more frequent back injuries as a result of prolonged sleeping in water beds. The belief of mattress makers is that water beds tend to let the lower back sag during prolonged sleeping water beds. However, in reality, water beds are really not bad for the back as modern manufacturers had made sure that their water beds provide adequate back support.

Advantages of Water Beds
Water beds are as much supportive like the mattresses. In fact, manufacturers have used heavy vinyl mattresses to allow for adequate back support. Water beds also allow semi-wave action, full wave action or no wave action, which increases its benefits for back health. Full wave action is seen as the most detrimental for the back because it allows the back to sink low in the bed, which causes back misalignments. This effect may put stress on the vertebrae and joints in the spine. In order to avoid this, it is better to choose the semi-wave action or no wave action.

Another advantage of water bed is that it has the ability to add heat at therapeutic temperature levels. This mechanism of water beds can equally benefit the muscles on the hips, back and neck. When heat is applied, it becomes a relaxing haven for people especially those with back problems because it relaxes the muscles on the area relieving back tension and stress.

In addition, the water that is being compressed by the body weight of the person using it provides pressure point relief at the back like what orthopedic mattresses provide. This minimizes the pressure on the joints that contribute to the relaxation of the spine, which will be even better when combined with regular visits to your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor.

According to orthopedics, water beds also allow the sleeper to lie on the bed in comfort and allow better range of motion of people; thereby providing adequate support and comfort.

Conclusions about water beds
Although water beds do not receive universal approval from orthopedic physicians and other doctors, choosing the appropriate water bed may provide beneficial results for the back. The key to choosing a water bed that is good for the back include a relative firmness that provides adequate support for the back, which follows the contour of the body when in sleeping position. Also, try the semi-wave and no wave water beds in order to prevent sagging. Also, choose a heating system in water beds to benefit from its thermal therapeutic action.