Exercise is an essential tool in keeping the body healthy. Marathon is one of the exercises that runners are obsessed at because apparently, they are good and healthy. Marathons may involve long runs of several kilometers. Despite the presence of proponents of marathon, there are still studies that have indicated that marathon may be unhealthy and may produce more dangers than benefits. The following discusses the effects of marathon in the body. It is essential to examine these effects in order to determine if marathon is healthy or not.

Effects of marathon on the skeletal system
Despite the good effects of exercise to the mineralization of the bones, there have been evidences that marathon running may be too strenuous and taxing to the bones. One study has indicated that marathon running may increase bone deformities and bone breakage due to increased distance and time of running, which increases the bone resorption or the escape of calcium from the bones. However, one study also have indicated that long running and heavier exercises such as marathon increases the osteogenic activity, which is the formation of new bone cells. This effect leads to increased bone formation and increased bone density.

Effects on the Muscular system
Marathon running may be beneficial to the muscles by increasing the adaptation of the muscles to stress and exercise; however, engaging in intensive and prolonged marathon may increase the oxidative stress on the muscle cells leading to injury. Marathon normally uses oxygen in order to produce energy. In long marathons, the muscles go into anaerobic metabolism leading to production of free radicals that may destroy the cells and lead to DNA damages. In this line, light marathons may be healthy, but longer ones may just put strain on the muscles, especially those who are trained to do so.

Effects on the cardiovascular system
Marathon running may also be beneficial for the cardiovascular system by improving myocardial contractility and regulation of the blood vessels. Any type of exercise may be beneficial for the cardiovascular system just like marathon. However, these healthy benefits were seen on healthy individuals and not on people with cardiac conditions. One study has indicated an increase in atherosclerotic events in people with cardiac risk factors. This means that long runs such as marathon may be even detrimental for those having a cardiovascular condition because of increased risk for heart attacks.

Effects on Mental health
Marathon was found to increase the endorphin levels in the body. Endorphins are naturally occurring “good neurotransmitters” because they tend to improve the general well-being of a person. This explains why marathon runners tend to be obsessed in doing the exercise because it increases the state of mind and the well-being.

Looking into the negative and positive effects of marathon, it is then concluded that marathon in general is healthy as long as precautions are ensured. Proper training may reduce the musculoskeletal effects. In order to prevent adverse events related to marathon, it is recommended that people assess their capacities. A first time runner should avoid overworking the body by participating only in shorter runs then progressing to longer runs when the body has already adjusted. For healthy individuals, marathon may improve the cardiovascular function, but those who already have cardiovascular risk factors should avoid strenuous activities like long marathon runs. And of course regular adjustments at your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor will help keep you in shape and spot any problem areas. The health benefits of marathon seem to depend on the health status of the person.