Lumbar support is a device used to provide adequate support to the lower back area including the lumbar spine and the overlying muscles, the very same areas that your Wesley Chapel chiropractor works on most during your visits. Lumbar supports are used to support the lumbar area during periods of sitting especially during prolonged sitting.

There are a lot of variations of lumbar support. The most common type is the lumbar support used in computer chairs. Common office or computer seats have a special design that supports the lumbar area with the backrest. Lumbar support in these chairs prevents injuries to the muscles and the spine while one is seated. The lumbar supports are also beneficial for people who have lower back injuries in order to prevent further injury to the lumbar spine. Lumbar supports are especially needed by people who do long hours of work sited in front of a desk or a computer.

Aside from the lumbar supports built in chairs, there are also cushions or pillows that are especially designed to support the back. These can be placed at the backrest to add additional support to the lumbar area. Cushions and pillows are especially advantageous for people who have varied activities because these are portable, which means that it can be taken virtually in places that involve prolonged sitting. These can be used in travelling especially when the seats are not comfortable.

Another type of lumbar support is the lumbar support belt. This belt is worn on the waist area to support the muscles in the lumbar area during periods of lifting heavy objects. The width of the belt depends upon the level of activity of the person. Thicker belts are used by workers who perform high impact activities such as warehouse lifting. The lumbar support belts make it safer for people to carry heavy objects without putting undue strain on the muscles at the back.

Lumbar supports are indeed very beneficial for people because it provides adequate protection for the back muscles and the lumbar spine. The lumbar area is more prone to repetitive stress injury during prolonged sitting because of the tendency to slouch and lose the natural curve of the lumbar spine. When the lumbar spine is affected, it usually leads to moderate to severe back pain that may contribute to debilitations. Severe injury to the lumbar spine may lead to nerve compression as well as difficulty of walking. Lumbar supports are advantageous in preventing these types of injuries. Lumbar supports are also beneficial during heavy lifting because people have the tendency to bend at their waist while lifting. Doing so overly stretches the muscles at the lumbar area leading to muscle tension in the area. When the muscles are not able to receive the tension, the tension tends to spread to the bones ineffectively leading to lumbar spine injury.

The use of lumbar supports is usually underestimated, which usually leads to injuries. Lumbar supports are not only for those who engage in lifting as well as sitting for prolonged periods, but are also beneficial to all people. Placing lumbar supports on most common areas in the home such as the dining and living rooms may help protect the spine from repetitive stress.