There are conflicting views regarding what mattress to use, whether a hard mattress or a soft mattress. Health care practitioners are usually trained in identifying the best mattress for you. Because of this, people started to sleep better and get the health benefits of suing one. Before the rise of modern mattresses, experts usually suggest the use of very firm mattresses to the extent of placing plywood in between the mattresses in order to have an adequate support for the back. Before deciding whether a hard or soft mattress works best for you, let’s take a look at the two types of mattresses. Hard mattresses and soft mattresses usually differ from the type of material that it has on top of it. Hard mattresses often have harder top covering and soft mattress have softer feel.

Hard mattress
Hard mattress is a firmer type of mattress. It usually has a harder feel and very firm mattresses do not allow following the normal contours of the body. Hard mattresses may have varying extent of firmness. There are those that are very resistant to the normal curvature of the spin and the body. Nevertheless, there are mattresses that are firm, but not hard enough. These usually are best in supporting the body especially those who suffer from spinal problems because it usually follows the normal curvature of the vertebrae.

Soft mattress
As the term implies, soft mattress are those that have a softer feel than the hard mattresses. Some people may prefer these types of mattress because of the comfy feeling it provides when you lie down. Soft mattresses may have pillow-topped surfaces or plush mattress tops. Softer mattress has more room to follow the normal curves of the body as you lie down. Most manufacturers and people advertise their mattresses as soft and comfortable, but neither have they known the disadvantages of giving a soft mattress. If you are heavy enough, the soft mattress may sag and will just lose the support on your spine especially in the lumbar area. If you are slim and light, you may benefit from it because sagging is lesser. Those who suffer back problems while sleeping are usually those who sleep in softer mattresses because the body tends to sag along with the mattress.

Reviewing the two types of mattresses, it is then concluded that hard mattresses (with adequate firmness) may be more beneficial than softer mattresses. However, it should not be very firm as it makes the bed stiff. When you say firm mattress, these are the ones which follow the normal contour of the body, but does not sag. In order for you to determine this, you may ask the sellers to allow you to try their mattresses in order to have that feel on what is the best mattress to have.

In addition, it is also best to consult your orthopedic physician or Dr. Mohr, your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor if you are suffering from back problems in order for them to give you the best advice on what is the best mattress that you should get.