It has been a decade when bottled water has been on the market and replaced the filtered and tap water that we used for drinking. The increase in pollution in our waters has made people to patronize and consume bottled waters that seem to be the best type of water because it has no impurities and any types of harmful materials that can make us sick. However, there has been an increasing view in regard to the disadvantages of bottled water in the environments as well as to the body. With the different contradicting views in regard to the safest drinking water, it is now hard to decide which water we are going to use for drinking purposes. Definitely, our main concern is water safety. The following discusses the differences, advantages and disadvantages of filtered water, tap water aNd bottled water.

Tap water
Tap water may be the least expensive among the three water choices. However, our main concern for tap water is its cleanliness and safety for human consumption. But, if we will study the origins of tap water, it is still one of the best sources of water. Tap water contains minerals such as fluoride and others, which are essential for our body. Fluoride is very essential for healthy teeth because it prevents tooth decay and makes the teeth stronger. Tap water contains a regulated amount of fluoride that is not detrimental for the health. Aside from fluoride, tap water may also contain traces of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that are also essential for body processes. However, tap water may also carry harmful substances such as arsenic, lead, high amounts of chlorine, bacteria and waste materials. Nevertheless, when your tap water is checked by the water safety department, you are assured that the water that comes out from the faucet is safe and same as the cleanliness of bottled and filtered water, only that it contains essential minerals for the body.

Filtered water
Filtered water is also a popular way of making the water safe for drinking. Kitchens usually have a filtration system connected to the faucet in order to filter tap water. Filters are able to remove toxins, bacteria, and even peculiar tastes and odor. However, filtered water may also remove the essential minerals found in tap water. In addition, filtration systems may cost a lot.

Bottled water
Many of us believe that bottled water is the best because it is clean and safe. Bottled water can come in the form of artesian waters that passed series of layers in order to become purified. Bottled waters can also be in the form of mineral water that contains traces of mineral and they are taken from underground. Bottled water can also be spring water taken from natural springs. In addition, the most popular of them all are distilled water who claims to be the cleanest and safest drinking water, but it literally to do not contain any minerals because they have been removed through the distillation process. An advantage of bottled water is that it is safe, convenient and also can be brought wherever you go. However, as discussed earlier, bottled water is the same as tap water in composition and source, only that it is bottled. The increasing use of bottles that are thrown also increases the land pollution since bottles are not biodegradable. In cases that the bottles are recycled, the more recycling process the bottle undergoes the more toxic it is for humans.

All in all, tap water is still the best for human consumption, provided that the source has complete testing measures in order to ensure its safety for drinking purposes. Nevertheless, people still have the final choice on what type of drinking water are they going to consume, but consider the best water source for you, your family, and the environment. For more tips and advice on your general health, stay tuned to this Tampa chiropractor blog for daily updates.