The feet are important parts in the body that help the person to achieve balance. The feet are the ones that support the entire body during activities such as standing, walking, running and others. The feet also support the spine and other bones in the body because it receives the weight and serve as a base of support. The pelvic area, being the center of gravity also plays a role in balance. In addition, the spine is very crucial in maintain the stability of the back. All these mechanisms bring to the point that the feet play an important role stabilizing the spine, pelvis and other parts of the body.

The foot is formed in an arch in order to provide exceptional strength for support. It serves as a supporting vault, which helps distribute the weight of the body in the feet. Problems in the arches of the foot usually results in problems such as poor stability. This poor stability may result in the misalignment of the spine, which leads to pain in other areas of the body such as the lower back and the neck. Chiropractors, like Dr. Mohr, a local chiropractor in Tampa, FL, acknowledge this chain reaction, thereby giving importance to balance and the feet.

Spinal pelvic stabilizers are special devices that stabilize the spine and the pelvis by addressing structural deformities and problems in the feet. This principle reduces the stress and excessive tension in the feet thereby enhancing balance in the spine and pelvic area, which in turn promotes overall musculoskeletal health.

By stabilizing the feet, spinal pelvic stabilizers enhance the efficiency and performance, with additional reduction of pain when you walk, stand and perform daily activities. Spinal pelvic stabilizers are a kind of foot orthotics that is worn inside the shoes to support the feet. Specific functions of spinal pelvic stabilizers include:

Improving pronation
Pronation is the rotation of the foot downward in which the soles meet the ground. Some people with structural problems tend to over or underpronate leading to problems on balance. Spinal pelvic stabilizers support the proper pronation of the foot thereby maintaining proper balance.

Support adequate arching of the foot
Foot orthotics helps the feet assume normal arches especially those who have flat feet or very high foot arches.

Prevents rotation of the legs and improves pelvic and spinal function
When the pronation and foot arches are well established, the legs do not assume excessive rotation. The presence of excessive rotation of the foot affects the balance in the knees and may lead to leg pains. When the knees are affected, the pelvis is also affected leading to misalignments in the spine. When the pelvis and the spine receive excessive tension, the muscles and tendons in the area are also injured leading to low back pains and the like.

Improves shock absorption of the foot
The feet are responsible for absorbing shock as the foot approaches the floor during walking or running. When the foot does not absorb the shock very well, it can cause excessive tension in areas of the body up to the head thereby leading to various body aches. Spinal pelvic stabilizers help the foot’s shock absorbing capabilities thereby improving its motion.

The use of spinal Pelvic Stabilizers is very essential in maintaining balance likened to the placement of a stabilizer in the foot of an unbalanced table. It gives extra support to the spine and the pelvic area in order to achieve a healthier musculoskeletal system.