You already know from yesterday’s article about the many benefits of water why it’s important to be drinking plenty, but did you know it’s even more important to drink extra H2O after getting a massage? Dr. Mohr, your Tampa chiropractor, has a team of amazing massage therapists that believe completely in the importance of water after massage and here’s why…

Water helps eliminate the toxins from the muscles after massage
The manipulation of the muscles during massage therapy produces some lactic acid, salt, minerals as well as removing water out of the cells. This is especially true for massage involving deep tissues. The substances are usually circulated in the blood and water is needed for more efficient elimination of the toxins out from the body through the kidneys and through respiration and sweat. Drinking more water after massage helps in the filtration of the blood by the kidneys; thereby adding to the benefit of massage in releasing harmful wastes from the body.

Water helps to ensure proper hydration of the muscles
During massage, water comes out from the muscle cells and into the circulation; thereby may lead to dehydration of the muscle cells. There is also heat production during the process causing the water to be lost in the muscle cells. In this line, drinking water is very important in order to replenish the lost fluids during massage.

Drinking water after massage ensures adequate lymphatic drainage
The lymphatic system serves as the drainage for other toxins in the body. When toxins accumulate in the lymphatic circulation, lymphatic diseases may be acquired. Although massage will not lead to such, it is important to drink water before and after getting a massage in order to improve the circulation of the lymphatic drainage because lymph fluid is mainly water.

Drinking more water after massage prevents muscle soreness
Drinking water also improves the muscle tone and prevents muscle sores as a result of toxins and cellular dehydration. Muscle soreness also results from the kneading of the muscles. Water helps muscles relax after a massage because of improvement in the circulation.

Drinking water maximizes the effects of massage
The main goal of massage is to ensure relaxation and relive back aches. Water is a powerful liquid that maximizes relaxation. How many times have you been given water when you felt bad at school or at the office? Isn’t it that drinking water improves the sense of well-being? In line with this, drinking water after a massage ensures more effective relaxation.

Although there is no scientific evidence that drinking water after massage helps, it is still recommended since water is a basic necessity of people and it will only do good for us. Massage is one of the relaxation techniques as well as therapeutic managements for musculoskeletal problems. Getting a massage is mostly advantageous and the risk for toxins accumulating is only limited. Nevertheless, drinking water may be an adjunct to improving health. Make sure to drink more water before and after massage therapy as well as during everyday activities.

So whether you’re visiting the best-rated chiropractor in Tampa, FL for an adjustment or a massage, you’re literally in good hands!