Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy employing or targeting the deep tissues underneath muscles and fascia. Deep tissue massage often focuses on releasing muscle tension and knots or adhesions in the soft tissues. Deep tissue massage is employed as a single therapy or as adjunct to physical therapy and chiropractic care. Deep tissue massage involves similar strokes with Swedish massage only that it employs cross strokes and stronger pressure against the tissues in order to reach the deeper tissues in the body. For optimal penetration of muscles, the fingers, elbows, and different tools such as glass or wood can be used during a deep tissue massage. The strokes are also slower than a regular massage ensuring that all areas of the tissues are covered. Since the pressure is stronger, it may be heavier than a classic massage. It may cause muscle soreness, but will eventually go away after a day and it should not be a concern because the benefits of deep tissue massage are great.

Deep tissue massage works in many ways ad provides benefits for clients. First, deep tissue massages release toxins in the body. This is done by removing stress in the muscles that may have caused inflammation in the tissues. Deep tissue massage breaks up the stress on the muscles and connective tissues thereby releasing toxins in the blood for elimination through the kidneys. In order to maximize elimination of toxins, it is advised that clients drink more water before and after receiving a deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage also loosens tight muscles. The pressure in this type of massage is very effective in loosening the muscles. Because of this, the mobility is improved because the muscles have better flexibility and strength. Tight muscles also are often painful, so deep tissue massage also helps alleviate muscle aches especially at the shoulders and back.

Next, deep tissue massage improves the circulation of blood. When muscles are not stressed, the blood vessels are not kinked or obstructed, thereby allowing for improved circulation and oxygenation of cells. Improving circulation also improves the perfusion of nutrients in the cells as well as preventing high blood pressure. .

In addition, deep tissue massage may also remove scar tissues situated at deeper tissues. Scar tissues often have limited blood supply. Improving blood supply also improves the scar tissues inside the body as a result of injury.

Since this type of massage is able to reach the deeper tissues, it may also be beneficial for those who have osteoarthritis by relaxing the soft tissues around the joint.

The most common benefits of any type of massage is relaxation. Deep tissue massage improves the well being of clients and also promotes relaxation through the alleviation of muscle aches and pains. A person may seek deep tissue massage for this purpose, but more benefits may be taken.

Deep tissue massage is best for people who live an active lifestyle because of more extensive muscle and tissue stress that cannot be relieved by simple massages. People who live a stressful life often have more muscle tension on the back and the neck area making deep tissue massage best in alleviating these discomforts. Consider having a deep tissue massage once a month in order to revitalize, heal and relax the body.

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