Most clients ask questions to chiropractors on how often should they see them? However, chiropractors are not able to answer this question unless they have examined the person, known the diagnosis and identified the needed measures in order to treat the condition. Every person is different and every condition also requires diverse chiropractic visits as well. Just like in medicine, people with different problems visit their physicians at different frequencies. So in order for you to determine how often you should see a chiropractor, it’s better to talk to one and seek advice as to whether you should consult them frequently or not.

People often ask this question because of their concern about the cost of treatment since chiropractic care is now considered not included in the medical benefits under health insurances. However, be assured that chiropractors will not get most of your money by prescribing everyday visits when you don’t need it. Dr. Mohr, your local chiropractor in Tampa, FL, only recommends what’s best for his patients depending on his assessments and treatment plans.

The frequency of visit to a chiropractor depends on the advice of the chiropractor on how often you should see him. Some chiropractic doctors advice patients to visit the chiropractic clinic every day until the problem is solved and then following regular visits to once a month to monitor the condition and evaluate if the client is able to cope with the condition. Similarly, patients need to visit a chiropractor more frequent during the first months of therapy and the frequency may decrease once the results have been achieved.

The severity of the problem also affects the frequency of visits to a chiropractor. The more severe the back problem or musculoskeletal problem is, the more frequent the visits would be in order to achieve the desired results. Patients with acute conditions should see a chiropractic more often because acute condition tends to be more debilitating that chronic or progressive ones. Herniated or slipped disk as well as compressed vertebra generally may need daily visits until the vertebrae are positioned properly. However, the chiropractor would still be the one to recommend the frequency of visits depending on your problem.

Next, the response to treatment also dictates the frequency of visits. Those who have positive responses to treatment and those who improve their conditions may require lesser frequencies of visits. On the other hand, those who may not respond well to treatment may need modification of their treatment plans along with modification in the frequency of visits.

Generally, the visits to a chiropractor include few times per week during the first stages of treatment. Then, the visits are limited to weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. If you are unsure about the recommendations of your chiropractor regarding the increased frequency of visits, you may ask him directly about it or you may also seek second opinion from another chiropractor in Wesley Chapel, Tampa Palms, New Tampa or the surrounding areas. There are competent chiropractors in Tampa who may give you the best treatment option for your problem.