Rolling massage tables are a special type of massage tables used in chiropractic care. Rolling massage tables or roller massage tables include massaging rollers that help the muscles at the back to be relaxed. It is also called as motorized massage tables because it contains rolling bars that travel up and down the specific area of the body, which is in contact with the table. It also includes built-in vibrations in order to create fine vibrations in the body; thereby aiding in muscle relaxation. Rolling massage tables where built in order to provide massage to all types of people, without the manual manipulation of masseurs. The person just needs to lie on the roller massage table to get different types of massages. The chiropractic roller goes up and down the client’s body as the client lies on the roller massage table. These rollers separate and lift each spinal segment thereby relieving nerve compressions.

The rolling massage table used by chiropractors is able to perform massage techniques such as shiatsu massage as well as intersegment traction in the spine that’s gentle enough to aid in the removal spinal subluxations. A lot of massage tables are available to provide the best massage therapy for client, but rolling massage tables have specific benefits such as:

Used as an adjunct to chiropractic manipulation to relive spinal subluxations

The rollers that travel throughout the body lifts and separates the spinal segments, thereby improving the spaces between the spine that may have caused nerve root compression. The use of chiropractic rolling massage tables is usually undertaken before or after a client receives spinal adjustments. Dr. Mohr, your local chiropractor in Tampa, FL has 3 of these state of the art tables and counting, so come by and try them out if you’re in the Wesley Chapel, Tampa Palms, New Tampa or surrounding areas.
Relives back pains

The roller massage tables include built-in rollers that travel up and down the body, which causes muscle relaxation. The additional vibration feature even makes it a great stress reliving modality. Roller massage tables are able to cater to all types of people with a variety of back issues. However, those having severe back pains may not be comfortable using this table because the travelling of the rollers up and down may intensify the pain. Your chiropractor usually recommends the best therapy for severe back pains.
Improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells

Some roller massage tables with built-in infrared heating devices also improve the blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. Nevertheless, a simple roller massage table without infrared heat may still improve blood circulation by relaxing the muscles that constrict the arteries.
Other clients prefer not being touched by another person

In using the rolling massage tables, you don’t have to be touched manually by another person in order to receive a massage. You can lie comfortably on the table and receive the massage you want.
Avoids undressing of clients

Some clients are also not comfortable undressing in order to have a massage. The rolling massage tables do not need the client to be undressed in order to deliver massage therapy.
Can provide massage at home

Chiropractic roller massage tables can be bought and used at home so you don’t need to go out of the house to receive massage.

The rollers in rolling massage tables are usually gentle, which prevent further back problems. Rolling massage tables are best for people with back problems as well as people who just want relaxation.