For those who drive for longer periods, problems may arise because of assuming a single position for prolonged periods. Drivers may experience back ache, neck pain and poor posture. Driving may be leisure for some, but having long drives may also be a burden. Comfort is the most important thing for people who drive for hours. Dangers of being not comfortable while driving may be drowsiness as well as strain for the driver, which may increase the likelihood of accidents aside from the occurrence of musculoskeletal and circulatory problems. In order to have comfort while driving for long hours, here are some of the helpful tips:

Have an adequate lumbar support
Sitting for long periods may put strain on the muscles on the back, which increases the burden on the lumbar spine. Because of prolonged sitting, the shoulders often drop, which allows the lumbar spine to assume a straight position. This straight lumbar area may create damage to the area because the lumbar spine has a normal curvature to bear the weight of the back. Prolonged sitting during driving usually creates back pain at the end of the trip. In this regard, lumbar supports are made to assist the lumbar spine to assume that normal curve while driving. These can be placed at the back support on the driver’s chair for the driver to use.

Have a good head support
Aside from the back support, also have a good head support to prevent injury to the neck and to make your head comfortably positioned on the car seat. There are a lot of head supports available. Choose those who are firm and follow the contour of the back of the head.

Adjust the driver’s seat properly
The driver’s seat should be properly adjusted in a way that is comfortable for the driver. Make sure that the back is adequately supported with the back of the knees a few inches away from the edge of the seat. The driver should also reach for the brakes and the clutch comfortably without straining the leg muscles.

Take a break every hour
Taking a break is one of the best measures in order to avoid circulatory problems. Stop the car and take a short walk every hour to prevent the stasis of blood in the lower extremities, thereby preventing unwanted and dangerous blood clots. Taking breaks is also good for the back because it relieves back aches. Also, try to urinate as much as possible every hour to prevent urinary stasis. In this way, you prevent future kidney problems.

Have fluids within reach
You can place water, juice or soda beside you so you can just easily grab them when you’re thirsty. In this way, you don’t need to stop the car and get something to drink when you need it. It’s better to drink juice or sodas while driving to prevent hypoglycemia during trips.

With these tips, you are ensured that you prevent musculoskeletal and circulatory problems while driving for long periods. Assuming comfort during driving is very important because it is the best way to prevent highway accidents.

Before and after long road trips is a perfect time to set up an appointment with Dr. Mohr, your chiropractor in Tampa, FL, so he can prepare and/or fix your misalignments caused by the extended driving.