Dr. Mohr, your Tampa chiropractor, understands that a lot of factors play a role in the overall health of individuals. Among these factors are diet, activity or exercise, sleep and hydration. These factors are highly controllable by people, which make maintenance of health so easy if we have proper discipline. Diet, for one is very essential for the overall health of individuals. When we say diet, it describes the overall food intake of people in terms of quality and quantity and not referring to the reduction of food intake for weight loss purposes. Diet contributes to the nutrition of the body. Nutrition involves the nourishing of the bodies with essential vitamins, minerals and food components essential for body processes.

Here are some of the benefits and importance of diet to overall health:

Gives energy

Diet is the source of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that provide energy for the body. Carbohydrates are the chief source of energy wherein the food is converted to glucose, the one responsible for energy production. When carbohydrates are lacking, the body utilizes the proteins and fats to produce energy. However, excessive use of proteins and fats for energy production leads to muscle wasting and poor development since these are the building blocks of the cells.

Aids in growth and development

Proteins and fats coming from food serve as the initiator for growth and development. The cells, organs, bones and muscles grow because of the supply of protein. Protein is needed for the stimulation of the growth hormone production, which is primarily the reason of growth.

Helps repair the body

Diet also helps in the reparative process by supplying proteins, vitamins and minerals that help in the repair of injured cells. When food is not taken in, injured cells are not restored or replaced, thereby, hastening the breakdown of the body structures. Essential food components that help in cell repair include proteins, albumin, fats, vitamin A, C and E.

Fights diseases and infections

Strengthening the immune system requires food to nourish the body and build-up a strong collagen matrix to ward-off harmful microorganisms. Vitamins and minerals found in food such as fruits and vegetables are especially important for the enhancement of the immune system. Vitamin C and zinc are known to strengthen the collagen matrix of cells, preventing entry of pathogens. Essential fatty acids and vitamins also prevent certain diseases such as stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. Diet is essential for preventing illnesses; however, a poor diet is a potential reason for developing it such as cancer and heart diseases.

Aids in body processes

Food also provides the body with substances in order for body processes to undergo. For example, iron and B vitamins from food helps in the formation of red blood cells and sodium and potassium from fruits and other foods helps in the firing of neurotransmitters and the contraction of the heart. Without food, there will be no source of these substances in order for the body to continue its job, thereby leading to illnesses.

Diet is really the sole source of nutrition for the body as exercise, hydration, and sleep are not able to provide these. As a sum, diet is the sole source of nutrition for the body and having improper or poor diet leads to medical conditions and other problems. Next to oxygen and water, food is one of the basic needs of people, and without it, the body will not survive.

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