An allergy is a medical condition involving the release of antibodies towards a specific substance such as food, medications or other allergens. Allergies are usually traditionally managed by initially avoiding the allergens and eventually systematic desensitization. However, other managements (non-traditional) for allergies may also be employed.

Chiropractic care also helps in eradicating allergies. Chiropractic care involves the manual manipulation of the spine in order to treat vertebral subluxation. Chiropractic care is a therapy that helps relieve various conditions including allergy even though it is not an orthodox treatment for the condition. This is because chiropractic care improves the overall functioning of the body.

An allergy is a specific response of the body to invading foreign bodies. What chiropractors do is that they help individuals to attain an improved immune system because of a holistic approach in dealing with stress and other external factors that cause negative effects on the body.

The role of the immune system

The immune system functions by overcoming infections and other abnormal cells. However, when a person is not physically stable due to other conditions such as stress, the immune system is lowered leading to inability to fight infections as well as causing overreaction to foreign substances such as medications, foods, bee stings and others leading to allergic reaction. Allergy is initiated by the production of histamine that is released by mast cells when allergens are recognized by the body. The symptoms of allergies usually include development of rashes, itching, runny nose, red eyes, nasal congestion and difficulty of breathing.

Allergy Treatment

Allergies are caused by various factors such as genetics and presence of toxins in the body. Allergies are most commonly treated by anti-histamines to reduce allergic symptoms; however, medications also have side-effects that may be harmful for the body. In addition, several anti-histamines were found to cause cancer cells. Because of these, natural, non-invasive treatments are more beneficial than other allergic treatments.

The role of Chiropractic Care in Allergy

Through the function of chiropractic care in removing stress in the body, especially in the spine, the immune system of patients are significantly increased. With these, patients not only benefit from stress relief, but also benefit from enhancing the immune system. With the enhancement of the immune system, the body is able to neutralize more effectively the allergens in the surroundings, thereby preventing overreactions to them that lead to allergic symptoms.

Chiropractic care is able to help patients with allergies to prevent the occurrence of harsh symptoms. This starts from removing vertebral subluxations by a chiropractor. Subluxations are the reasons for problems in the spine and the nervous system. When the stressor is removed, the body can now begin to function normally.

Allergies not only cause discomfort, but also deprive someone from engaging in optimal functioning because the person needs to always avoid the allergens. With chiropractic care, the patient is potentially prevented from developing allergic symptoms, despite exposure.

Chiropractic care is not only helpful in preventing allergies, but also essential in providing an overall health benefit.

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