We have all experienced a sports related injury at some point over the course of our life, whether we have been brave, young, fearless, or just an avid athlete who loves playing all sports. Everyone is susceptible to bodily damage when they have vigorous lifestyles that include frequent exercise and playing one or more sports. Athletes are prone to sports injuries due to the rigorous nature of their physically demanding activities. This type of injury occurs when a bone, muscle, or nerve is damaged in the course of playing a sport. Fortunately, several effective techniques can be used to treat and even prevent the occurrence of a sports related injury.
What are sports injuries?

Different sports require different movements of the body. Some sports are more rigorous and intense than others, which increases the risk of a sports injury. The most common types of injuries are due to overexertion of a part of the body. This occurs when a joint or extremity moves too hard in a direction, straining and tearing tissues as it moves. According to statistics, roughly sixty percent of sports injuries occur during practice due to improper techniques or not being prepared for the task-at-hand.

Some sports are more demanding than others are or may have unique risks and health concerns to be aware of during performance. For instance, skateboarding and inline skating can lead to serious injury or damage when precautions are not taken. On average, more sports injuries requiring hospitalization were documented in people who ride bicycles, play baseball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Due to the characteristics of these sports, the body is susceptible to serious injuries because of their physical nature. Trauma to any part of the body can occur in sports that require increased amount of physical activity and man-to-man contact.
Types of sports injuries

Certain sports injuries occur from accidents, while others are caused by not taking precautions while exercising or playing a sport. The most common sports injuries are caused by poor training habits, not warming up or stretching properly, lack of conditioning, or the use of improper equipment. These factors contribute to sprained and strained muscles, tearing of the ligament or tendon, fractured bones, and dislocations. These types of injuries can occur at any point of the body that has been impacted by the physical activity. Truly understanding your body and the workout routine or physical task-at-hand can minimize the risk of tissue damage while exercising or playing a sport.
Techniques to treat a sports injury

The best way to prevent a sports injury is by prevention and proper techniques before, during, and after playing a sport. This includes exercise techniques that fully stretch muscles and deep breathing techniques that increase circulation and improve the health of the cardiovascular system. Additionally, many nutritionists and sports buffs support the use of natural supplements in the diet due to how herbal substances increase cellular strength, endurance, and stamina. Different healing techniques such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and physical therapy may be implemented to restore healthy function of the body in the case of relieving tissue damage after an injury. Dr. Mohr, your local Tampa chiropractor can walk you through all of these options, so no matter what sports you enjoy, you can be free from harm while reducing the risk of acquiring a sports related injury when you understand your body and how its impacted by each activity you endure.