TMJ treatment is for TMJ syndrome. TMJ is the acronym for temporomandibular joint syndrome more commonly called locked jaw. This joint is located in your jaw for those who don’t know and it usually is a very painful condition. There is hope for TMJ suffers as you can find TMJ treatment to alleviate the problem. The joint is responsible for joining the mandible which is the lower part of the jaw and the temporal bone also known as the skull. They join at a point close to the front of the ear.

If you have this syndrome you will have symptoms that include pain as well as discomfort in the joint of the jaw as described above close to the front of the ear. If you do not find TMJ treatment you could suffer from very excruciating pain that can be debilitating. It is thus best to find yourself in the office of the nearest doctor once you start exhibiting symptoms like the ones that are associated with this condition. The symptoms that are most commonly felt are jaw popping, headaches and jaw clicking. The most apparent symptom for many is a locking of the jaw which is why the condition is more commonly known as locked jaw. If this happens it can be very difficult to undo so you don’t want to wait until the problem has progressed this far and so should seek TMJ treatment as soon as possible.

While TMJ is common to both sexes it tends to occur more frequently in females than in males. There are also different degrees to which individuals are affected and this also determines the type of TMJ treatment that one receives. The first line of treatment for the condition starts at home with rest. Many people find that if they rest, talk less and eat less the symptoms can either disappear completely or improve greatly.

Other means of TMJ treatment include the administration of an anti-inflammatory that is capable of reducing pain such as the ibuprofen containing drugs Motrin and Advil. You can also use drugs that contain acetaminophen such as Tylenol. Try to eat only foods that are soft and won’t require much chewing if any at all. Avoid gum and other foods that could give your jaw extra work to do such as nuts and other crunchy foods.

If you apply a warm compress you could alleviate some of the pain and this is a suitable way to treat the problem if you are looking for natural TMJ treatment. Another thing you can do if you don’t want to take any drugs is to visit your chiropractor, like Dr. Mohr, at North Tampa Chiropractor. These professionals will realign your jaw joint and will provide therapeutic treatments that will alleviate the pain and are 100% safe. This will give you peace of mind while giving you a TMJ treatment method to take care of your condition naturally.

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