Massage therapy has been a part of many different cultures over time. This healing art has the power to relieve minor aches and pains while correcting chronic imbalances that damage tissues. Massage therapy restores the components of the body to its natural state. Massage therapists press, rub, and otherwise manipulate the muscles of the body to achieve desired results. This holistic healing technique gradually realigns the body to restore normal functions of the muscles, bones, and internal organs to reach optimal health.

Tissue damage can occur due to overexertion, stress, physical injuries, and even muscle and bone misalignments. Accordingly, skeletal misalignments and spinal subluxations damage tissues because of the abnormal amount of pressure they place on surrounding tissues. Subsequently, when one part of the body is out-of-whack, this causes the rest of the body to become inflamed and imbalanced. Chronic pain results from tissues that have been traumatized due to tissue injuries. The use of massage therapy relieves pain, inflammation, and swelling while also reconstructing tissues in the affected areas.
Advantages of massage therapy

Holistic healing arts focus on the innate ability of the body to heal itself through proper stimulation. Massage therapists incorporate principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with advanced medical knowledge of the body to relieve tension and pains. While acupuncture releases stores of energy throughout the body, massage therapy targets certain high impact and high-energy spots of the body to relieve pressure. Massage therapists may perform a physical examination of the body while gathering facts about an individual’s medical history to treat their condition accurately. The benefits of massage therapy are multi-faceted.

Relieves stress on all levels
Encourages whole body relaxation
Loosens muscles and eases tension
Improves posture and endurance
Increases circulation & lowers high blood pressure
Decreases inflammation and swelling
Combats chronic pains in joints
Restores normal range of motion to joints
Promotes deep and clean breathing patterns

Why people use massage therapy

Of course, the benefits of massage therapy differ for each patient. They may have been referred to a massage therapist as a means to relax or to prevent the recurrent chronic symptoms associated with physical injuries and overexertion, or even to deter the progression of degenerative diseases. For example, individuals who suffer from chronic arthritis or bone and muscle impairments will greatly benefit from massage therapies. Not only does this therapy relieve pressure, stress, and unhealthy influences, but it opens up channels in the body for optimal blood and energy flow.

This form of medicine differs from conventional medicine because of its traditional views on healing the body. However, massage therapy complements many other medicinal techniques used to regulate the health of the body. This technique may be used in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation to realign the tissues of the body. Generally, massage therapy is an alternative for people who want to avoid conventional medical practices, which are invasive and damaging to tissues. Massage therapy is an art that has gained popularity around the world because of its efficacy in improving the mind, body, and spirit on all levels.

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