Acupunture For Stress North Tampa Spine Joint Center Dr. Mohr

A stressor, which is anything internal or external that leads to a stressful state of being, can be found in numerous areas of our lives, but it is not something that has to control you.

There are two types of stress; eustress, which is the “healthy” stress that gives positive “motivated” feelings that get you pumped about a situation, and then there is distress, which is a state of physical strain and exhaustion that causes extreme sorrow, pain, and an overall drained feeling at the end of the day. The latter tends to lead to anxiety, and can even lead to feelings of depression.

Because stress is a normal aspect of our being, in order for an individual to be diagnosed with stress, it has to reach a level in which it has started to affect their ability to perform required daily activities. The diagnosis is usually made after a psychologist or specialist evaluates different areas of an individual’s life and how they are functioning. After the diagnosis is made, different methods may be employed to help the individual lower their stress level and get back to feeling more at ease in their day to day activities. At North Tampa Spine & Joint Center we have many patients who have had success when receiving acupuncture treatments to lessen their anxiety, and when combined with massage and other efforts to decrease the amount of distress in their life, the results have been amazing.

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