You may have been looking for the next mattress for your bed and consider getting a water bed. However, articles you read online and anecdotal reports give you contrasting ideas as to whether water beds are good or bad for your back pain that keeps sending you back to your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor. This leaves you skeptical about getting a water bed and may rather persuade you to get a firm mattress instead. However, have you really made the best decision? Are water beds really bad for your back or you should have gotten one instead? This question can only be answered through inquiring and researching about the real score on water beds.

Based on evidence, water beds can both be good or bad for your back depending on the make up. Water beds come in various styles and make up and there are really those that can be bad for your back. For instance, old fashioned water beds with poor inner support system can provide less lumbar support similar to the effect of sitting in a bean bag. These types of beds allow the lumbar area or the lower back to sag in time while you sleep giving you back injuries in the long run. Aside from the old-fashioned water beds, those with full wave features or action can also provide less back support and the full wave action can make the back sink very low. This misalignment in the back can then put stress on the vertebrae and joints. Knowing these, it would then be imperative to choose the right water bed that can give you benefits instead of harm.

The good thing about water beds today is they are made using the right technology and ergonomic features so they can be good for your back. In fact, there are several advantages of getting a water bed as long as you get the right one. The following are some of the benefits of using water beds for the back:

  1. Allows for better back muscle relaxation
  2. Modern water beds provide equal pressure on the different parts of the body esepcially the back. This allows the muscles to relax more while you sleep even more than what conventional mattresses can provide. The equal pressure in water beds make it a good option for bedridden patients because it reduces the occurrence of bed sores. Also, those with back pains report having less symptoms after using water beds.
  3. Provides temperature control
  4. Another essential feature of water beds is it uses a temperature control feature. During winter, you can adjust the heater to make you warm and comfortable while during summer, you can make the bed cooler for that nice cool feeling while you sleep. The more comfortable you are during your sleep, the better it is for your back.
  5. Modern water beds allow you to control the water flow inside
  6. Chambered and baffled water beds have lesser water motion preventing sagging of the back that you get from old fashioned water beds.

Aside from the benefits for your back, water beds are also best for those with allergies. Since it is made with vinyl, it avoids the effects of bed bugs abd dust mites that can trigger allergies.

Based on the above discussion, water beds today can be really beneficial for your back. However, make sure to inspect the type of water bed that you will get to avoid getting those that can be bad for your back. You can consult an expert on this issue to get the most appropriate water bed for you.