Relieve Lower Back Pain

relieve lower back painChiropractors have become known for their ability to relieve lower back pain. While chiropractic care extends far beyond one area or problem, the lower back is a common hot spot for many patients, about 31 million people in the United States alone.

Do you know what the number one reason for missing work is among Americans? Back pain. Do you know what the number two reason for visiting a doctor is in the US? Back pain. It’s easy to see why we spend about 50 billion dollars per year on back pain related treatment and care.

And if you’re reading this because someone you know has back issues, there’s plenty for you to learn too, because 80% of people experience a significant back issue during their lives, but now you’ll be prepared.

Lower Back Pain Causes

When you think of the complexity and size of the back and all that makes it up, it’s easy to see why it’s a problem area. There’s just so much going on: ligaments, joints, bones, and muscles. And it’s all located right in the center of our bodies, having to handle the load of twisting, bending, loading and more.

And most back issues aren’t the result of sports injuries or catastrophic falls that result in a broken back. It’s the smaller, more gradual things that usually lead up to the discomfort and worsen over time.

As we age, the discs between our vertebrae naturally lose fluid, making them less flexible than they used to be. Once they reach this vulnerable state, it doesn’t take much to develop a bulging or herniated disc in the neck or back. There are many major nerves connected to the spine, and these damaged discs can increase the pressure on any of these nerves, resulting in pain signals to the brain.

Other increased risk factors that lead to back pain are poor posture, being overweight, excessive stress (physical or mental), improper lifting form, smoking, and even an improper sleeping position.

Remedies for Lower Back Pain

The number of people who undergo back surgery that may have been treated successfully with less invasive means is staggering. Back surgery should only be considered as a last resort, as some people never fully recover from the operation.

Chiropractic manipulation has become more widely accepted in recent times as an effective first line of defense. In fact, not only did the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research suggest that people suffering from back pain always start with the most conservative care first, they also listed spinal manipulation as the safest and most effective, drug-free form of initial acute low back pain treatment for adults.

Not only can Dr. Mohr, the highest-reviewed Tampa chiropractor, help relieve your symptoms, but he will also send you home with some stretches and exercises for lower back pain relief and prevention.

So if you’re looking to relieve lower back pain that has been plaguing you, then visit a qualified chiropractor as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of a full and natural recovery.