*These exercises were intended to be a refresher for patients of Dr. Travis*

CORE 3 + 1 (curl-up, side bridge, bird dog + cat-camel)

–  These exercises are used low back pain.

– Perform 3-5 times a week.

The next three videos are to correct the forward head and shoulder posture often found with individuals who sit at a computer.

Serratus Anterior Activation Exercise (chin retraction)

Scapular Squeeze and Scapular Depression (straight back and straight down)

Serratus Anterior Exercise (aka. crazy floor)

 Perform all three video sets 3-5 times a week, until results are visually noticeable.

Tri-Planer Stretch and Tri-Planer Lunge

– This involves stretching of your hip-flexors and activation of your gluts, perfect for the person who sits all day and is starting to develop of flat back side.  Helps with low back pain, and hip-flexor tightness.

– Perform 3-5 times a week.

Gluteus Medius Activation Exercises (clam shell and straight leg raise)

– This exercise helps to facilitate the glut medius, perfect for runners and people who sit all day.

– Perform 3-5 times a week.

Watch Dr. Travis demonstrate how to use your foam roller at home.

– “Search and Destroy” you need to search for the pain using the foam roller and destroy it by rolling over the muscle belly until pain subsides.

– Perform daily for 10 minutes until pain dissipates.

** For specific questions contact our office to have Dr. Travis give you a more thorough explanation.**

Sit-Stand Work Station by Anthro

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