Electric Muscle Stimulation Therapy is a new approach in treating various pain issues utilizing electrical muscle stimulation to reach deeper layers of the muscles. It is often used by physical therapists and your local Wesley Chapel chiropractor for localized pain relief especially for muscle pains such as fibromyalgia and muscle strains. The mechanism of the muscle stimulation is it delivers small pulsating currents directly on the muscles, which in turn promotes muscle stimulation, blood circulation and muscle healing.

The main benefit of electrical muscle stimulation therapy is pain relief. The electrical currents allow the muscles to release tension and stress relieving muscle soreness, tightness and body aches. For joint pains, electric muscle stimulation therapy also may improve joint symptoms as relaxation of the smooth muscles around a painful joint can help foster healing from joint inflammation.

Using electric muscle stimulation therapy not only provides effective muscle pain relief, but also other benefits for the musculoskeletal system such as:

  • It prevents and reverses muscle atrophy

When muscles are sore or painful, the affected individual will resort to limiting motion of the affected part. This potentially contributes to the development of muscle atrophy or shrinking of the muscles. Moreover, direct injury to the muscles can also lead to atrophy contributing to reduced functioning of the affected body part. In electrical muscle stimulation therapy, the electrical impulses stimulate the muscles and help them to relax and contract efficiently significantly improving the muscle tone, mass and strength.

  • It offers fast muscle recovery for various injuries

For athletes and other people suffering from tissue injuries, electric muscle stimulation therapy can also be used to regain tissue healing faster than physical therapy. When electrical stimulation is employed, the muscles regain their mass, tone and functioning easier, which enhances the rehabilitation efforts for various types of injuries.

  • It improves the range of motion

Individuals suffering from reduced range of motion of joints can also benefit from electrical muscle stimulation therapy. The electrical impulses applied loosen tensed muscles and tendons, which help the joint to become fore flexible. In addition, it also improves blood flow to an affected joint relieving inflammation and promoting tissue healing.

  • It offers stress relief

For those who does not experience muscle injuries, electric stimulation therapy can still be used for overall comfort and stress reduction. The electrical stimulation that improves blood circulation makes someone more relaxed similar to the effects of deep tissue massage.

  • It generates energy for muscle activities

Aside from its direct effects on the soft tissues, electric muscle stimulation therapy also has the benefit of generating available energy for the recovery of muscles for a more effective healing. The electrical impulses stimulate the mitochondria of the cells to generate energy for muscle healing, growth and movements.

Stimulating the muscles with small currents is a new, yet effective way to manage tissue injuries as well as for overall comfort and well-being. Chiropractors offer electrical muscle stimulation therapy to their clients depending on the need. Contact your nearest chiropractor for your electrical muscle stimulation therapy needs.